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Property Reference:
Haute Vienne - [87]
This property is 2 Kms from
Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat - 87

Financial facts:
Asking Price:
34,000 €uros
Including agency fees.
in £ Sterling, this translates into:
which is at today's exchange rate dated
€uros to the UK£.
As a guide only:
The Legal Fees on this property
work out at approx. 10.68%.
This works out at an additional: 3,631€uros.

Including ALL fees:
This property would therefore cost approximately:
37,631 €uros OR
£0 OR
at today's exchange rate dated
US$ to the UK£.
The exchange rates shown on this site are TODAY's rates. These vary on a minute by minute basis and this is reflected in the UK & US prices. The price you end up paying in UK£ or US$ will depend on the rate acquired at the time of purchase.
Main Descriptive:

Additional information on this property:
Nearest Major Town:
Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat - 87
From Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat - 87:
Approx. 2 Kms
Not Declared
Type of property:
Land with planning
Property Class:
Land only
Number of rooms:
Not Declared
Number of bedrooms:
Not Declared
Total floor area:
Not Declared
Built in:
Not Declared
Total Land Size:
3,280 M²
Land Distribution:
Attached to property
Taxe d'Habitation :
Not Declared
Actual Town or Village:
Not Disclosed
Distance from Sea:
200+ Kms
The property is facing:
Not Declared
Condition of property:
New property
See descriptive above
Meters from Shops:
Not Declared
Total liveable floor area:
Not Declared
Floor area for conversion:
Not Declared
Total Land - Hectares:
Less than ½ a hectare
Equivalent in Acres:
0.81 Acres
Fonciére Tax:
Not declared
See descriptive above
No information
See descriptive above
Double Glazing:
No information
No information
See descriptive above
Water Supply:
See descriptive above
Internet Broadband:
No information
Internal details:

Please note that all dimensions shown above are APPROXIMATE and do NOT form part of any agreement for purchase

External details:
Additional Photographs:
Photo - 1

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